Non-CME/CE Grant Request

Please see below for instructions on how to submit a request for support of an educational program for healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and pharmacists that does not provide continuing education credits.

This type of grant request is NOT for Patient Education programs.

Please note: For non-CE-certified healthcare professional education, content related to Janssen Therapeutics products must be within FDA-approved labeling. Package inserts can be accessed at

Requirements for Registration

All applicants are required to register within the grant management system prior to submitting a request for funding. Third Parties that serve as Educational Partners for educational activities will also be invited to register. Applicants may identify Third Parties at the time of registration or during the application process.

Requesting organizations must add third-party collaborators to their profile in order to include them on a grant application. If an intended collaborating third party is not registered in the system and/or associated with the requesting organization at the time of application, the grant submission cannot be completed until the third party registers. To save time, we encourage organizations to list their potential collaborative partners in their profiles at the time of registration.

A THIRD PARTY is an entity that contributes to content development, certifies the activity for non-physician audiences (for certified activities only), or is the requesting organization’s designated payee. Organizations that provide only logistics assistance are not considered Third Parties within the system and are not required to register.

Please see the FAQs for specific details about the registration process and eligiblity.

Requirements for Submission

The Grants System requires you to enter information in specific sections for the grant application. You will need to have all the following items on hand to when you are ready to submit a request into the Grant System.

  • Organizational Information
  • General Program/Activity Information (e.g., Program Title, Program Date(s), Scope, Reach)
  • Needs Assessment / Educational Gap Analysis
  • Learning Objectives
  • Agenda (faculty names MUST NOT be included)
  • Budget (Total program budget & breakdown of amount requested from Company)
  • Certificate of Separation
  • Educational outcomes/program evaluation plans (Required for requests >$50,000)

Eligibility/ Exclusions

Educational grants cannot be used to support:

  • Programs that have already occurred.
  • Promotional activities related to Janssen Therapeutics products.
  • Normal organizational overhead (ie, rent, office supplies, utilities), staff training, or provision of medical care.
  • Travel, lodging, or honorarium for a healthcare professional to present a paper or poster.
  • Travel, lodging or scholarships for program attendees/learners.
  • Marketing sponsorships or exhibit opportunities. Educational grant requests that include marketing sponsorship or exhibit opportunities will be denied.