Eligibility & Grant Types

Eligibile Organizations

  • Academic Institutions
  • Medical Societies
  • CME Providers
  • Hospitals
  • Patient Advocacy Organizations
  • Community-Based Organizations

NOTE: Janssen Therapeutics does not provide grants to individuals or private physician practices.

NOTE: Per company policy, medical education & communication companies (MECCs) are not permitted to submit grant applications in this system. The CE/CME provider, or other party directly involved in patient care, must submit the application.

Types of Grants Available

Healthcare Provider Education
(or Allied Healthcare Professionals [?])
  • CME/ CE Grants
  • Non-CME/ CE Grants


Patient Education

  • Online and Print Materials [?]
  • Live Events [?]

Charitable Contributions

If you are a 501c3 organization requesting support for a charitable contribution please click here.


Educational grants cannot be used to support:

  • Food and beverage expenses at non-CE-certified programs [?].
  • Promotional activities related to Janssen Therapeutics products.
  • Development of treatment guidelines.
  • Normal organizational overhead [?], staff training, or provision of medical care.
  • Gifts and/or incentives for attendees of non-CE-certified educational programs [?].
  • Travel, lodging, or honorarium for a healthcare professional to present a paper or poster.
  • Educational activities for which attendee (patient or healthcare professional) travel and/or lodging is paid by the meeting organizers. This includes attendee scholarships and travel vouchers.
  • Marketing sponsorships or exhibit opportunities. Educational grant requests that include marketing sponsorship or exhibit opportunities will be denied.
  • Janssen Therapeutics does not currently support process improvement or quality improvement initiatives.

Other Considerations

  • For non-CE-certified healthcare professional education and patient education programs, content related to Janssen Therapeutics products must be within FDA-approved labeling. Package Inserts can be accessed at www.JanssenTherapeutics.com .
  • Accredited education may discuss off-label information, but the nature of the off-label information must be disclosed to the audience at the time of presentation.
  • Janssen Therapeutics reserves the right to restrict financial support of independent professional education to activities certified by academic medical centers, hospitals, medical societies, professional medical associations or governmental agencies. Accredited providers may choose to collaborate with an educational partner for submission of grant applications.
  • Faculty names for certified professional activities are not required to be included in the submission of a grant application.